Friday, April 9, 2010

The Roszczewski Chop

When I was back in high school I had a good friend, Jacob. Id go to his house all the time and on a few occasions wed take a trip down to his basement where hed show me his dads "old chopper". It was buried in the corner under what appeared to be decades of dirt, spiders, and collections of musty towels. Hed tell me how his dad had gotten it when he was our age and had held on to it all those years. Back then I was just taken back by the big goofy long front end and bitchin stance. Jacob always would tell me how he kept bugging his dad to get it out of the cellar and resore it back to original with him... Well quite a few years later I came across these pics from Jake. It appears they are starting to give its life back. Good luck friend.

Jacobs dad back in the day

Clearing the way

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