Monday, June 28, 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010


Gonna start featuring a band each week, Friday... see how long I can remember to keep it up...So--->
Band of the week: Restavrant

Check it.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Support Haints.

for those that don't already read this blog, it rules. support punk rock motorcyclists.

Feel the Steel

Steel Panther is stepping off the Sunset Strip and rolling through town later tonight. If your not a late shift worker like myself, I'd recommend going and checking them out. They're playing at the Royal Oak Music theatre and tickets are cheap...Ive heard that the combination of the down right hilarious tunes mixed with their stage presence is worth its weight in gold...
Man, I wish I could make this one...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

900cc, 5in stroke flathead. so epic.

sweden rules. i'm from norway.....why can't i make cool shit?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

someone flagged us!!! no holdin back now i suppose....

Every once and a while i like scenester babes.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Be sure to wave....

I went for a little ride today and when I got back home I was reflecting at all of my "road brothers" and the amount of secret wave gestures I received along the way...

Now last year on a ride down to Nashville, TN... I was on my way to meet Joshrod mid-point to continue the trek down together. Well as I was passing a semi, my bike started to chuckle and then I realized I was nearly running dry on gasoline...I coasted pass the big rig on to the side of the road and putted up the shoulder as far as I could until my tank was completley dry. Well I may be an idiot, but it happened and I had no idea where the nearest gas fill up I sat on the side of a major Interstate collecting my thoughts on my next move...Should I call a friend? Should I take my shirt off and throw a thumb out hoping to catch a ride? Maybe throw my bike in the weeds and start walking??

All the while I sat there, several of fore-mentioned costume cladded "road brothers" went whizzing by staring over at me on the side of the road. Maybe it wasnt apparent I was broke down??? Or maybe all those in my close faithful community of motorcyclists had been too concerned with sticking their two fingers out in a low slung wave to stop and help.... Because I guarantee these were the same gents that threw the wave to me a few miles back when I had passed them...
Long story short...luckily some dudes were fishing nearby and were sitting in a field waiting for their ride to come. The driver was cool enough to run up the way and grab me some fuel....

Now Im not up here on my soapbox saying Im better than anyone, nor am I too proud to wave a friendly wave at someone, Im not trying to be cool and preach how a true rider acts or what constitues a REAL BIKER... but what does it all mean? Is there some rules when you purchase a 2 wheeler on this so called brotherhood? Is there a course I should have taken to be brought up to speed? I mean I have a couple hot rods and when Im driving down the road I dont see other guys in muscle cars or hopped up rigs throwing the wave???? So I figured Id do some research and this is what I came up with borrowed from

One may think that motorcyclists, or “bikers” as they are known, wouldn’t have much of a care in the world as they cruise the highways, but that isn’t the case. There is something that nags at almost every biker as he is riding the ribbons of asphalt. That is, of course, the problem of waving.
It seems like a simple problem at first, but then you get into the details. The dilemma can be categorized into many sections. The following is just a few:
-Should you wave at every biker you meet? If so, what constitutes a “biker?” Obviously that would include most two or 3 wheeled vehicles, but what about someone on a moped? Some mopeds are fairly large and can be mistaken for a smaller motorcycle.

-What about waving at bikers on a brand of bike other than yours? If you ride a Harley, should you wave at someone on a Honda Gold Wing?
-Sport bikes pose another conundrum. Regardless of the brand, should bikers on sport bikes wave to people riding a touring bike, and visa versa?

-What happens if there is a long line of, say…100 bikes that meet your particular waving criteria? Do you wave at the entire line, or just the first few bikers? That could irritate the bikers farther back in the line.

-You can see that there is more to it than one might imagine. There is also the question of the type of wave to be used. There is the “low hand, one or two finger” wave. Another popular wave is the “raised fist.” Though not as popular as the low hand wave, it does serve the same purpose. Some bikers will simply wave like they are saying “hi” to their neighbor like they would if they were both in their front yards. That wave does convey the necessary fact of recognition, but it is much to wimpy for a “real biker.” It is best to avoid those kinds of bikers.

-One more facet of waving exists that can cause all sorts of consternation for a “real biker.” Let’s say you pass a biker who is sitting in the parking lot while he waits for someone. You wave…he waves. Then you get to your destination, which in this case is just a few blocks farther down the street. You take care of business and then head back. When you pass the same biker just 5 minutes later, do you wave again? I don’t know. That is a real stickler.

-What the biker community needs is some sort of equipment that would eliminate the guesswork about motorcycle waving. It would also relieve the biker of the anxiety of deciding to whom he should wave. Some sort of automatic waving arm would be ideal. If someone could develop such an item he would be a millionaire. As it is, all of us “real bikers” must continue to deal with the motorcycle waving problem.

That cleared up a lot for me, I hope it did for you as well. One thing I did learn through my useless study is next time Im hitting the roadways on a long trip, I will for sure pack my MSR fuel bottle...

A925 Hemi

Chrysler could play Fords game too...Heres a pic of the A925 DOHC HEMI prototype engine...NASCAR banned them before they were used, but damn they look neat. I guess there was a lot of issues trying to get these dialed in back then as it seems it was referred to as the Doomsday Hemi, but I believe a couple people have created their own version of the A925 within recent years...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Club support shirts.

If anyone wants some club support shirts, I have about 25 left from the hotrodders ball. $20 bones shipped. Email me your address, and send the money to my paypal. Our new prospect got one, and you should too.

Waylon Bday Bash

Had a chance to take the girl out and hit up Whitey Morgans mostly annual Waylon Jennings tribute show on Tuesday. It was down In the Ferndale at Club Bart...Way cool place with the stage being behind the bar. Had cans on hand of the Black Label and bottles of the Blatz.... First time being there but felt right at home... Good crowd, great music and a neat venue. Couldnt get much better on a Tuesday night.

Me and my favorite lady friend... The band. Jeremy looking for the next of many "guest" appearances. A many local artists joined them on stage...
Including Vinny D of SPONGE and Orbitsuns fame join them for a few...

Evergreen memories...

Its been almost two weeks since the annual Evergreen park benefit put on by the local ABATE group...thats about how long it took to get back to normal strides. Heres some photos from the weekend.

Ready to leave...Josh suited up for the Tornado we were about to ride into.
Came prepared..
First things first...gotta meet the neighbors...Then those that were just passing through...The beardmaster even showed up for a few...There was bromanship...Even a few bikes were present...And always follow directions...All and all it was a good relaxing weekend. Got a chance to catch up with some good timing friends, and even met some new faces. Even though it rained on and off all weekend...and at some points got a little cold out.....its worth the trip everytime. Cant wait until next year.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dennis Hopper Knew Best!!

Buy these shits from me!!!

$90 bones. NOS never worn. tags still attached. Don't let em go to the japs which they will if i put em on egay.

It's true......

...the south will rise again. Atleast I hope so.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Waylon

Always remembered...

Couple of Black Keys vids...

Thought these were kind of funny...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Full Facing Storm Trooping

Now theres hope for everyone who cant find an old Simpson full face like JoshRod... EC comes out with these:

Or for the more thrify, theres this alternative...
Check them out here:

Chinese Population Growth Control

Keeping the population down is easy when you dont have stop signs...


I'm thinking of getting these printed up. They would be on black of course though. $20 SHIPPED. If you would be interested drop me an email so I have a rough idea of how many to print, and what size.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Double Trouble

Twin Snortin Nortin motor chop from the guys at Flyrite. I think the name is appropriate..

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Saw a flyer for this at work yesterday..Looks kind of interesting. Mini Kiss and David Allan C.E.O....sounds like a good time. Might hafta check this one out...if not just for the hot buns contest alone....or maybe the frozen tshirt contest...or the cole-slaw cage fights...??? Awesome.

640 Hp Panhead.

Pete Hill's Current Top Fuel Bike.
slightly modified panheads...slightly

0-80 mph in 1 second.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Clint!

The man turned 80 yesterday...Happy birthday Mr Eastwood