Friday, June 18, 2010

Evergreen memories...

Its been almost two weeks since the annual Evergreen park benefit put on by the local ABATE group...thats about how long it took to get back to normal strides. Heres some photos from the weekend.

Ready to leave...Josh suited up for the Tornado we were about to ride into.
Came prepared..
First things first...gotta meet the neighbors...Then those that were just passing through...The beardmaster even showed up for a few...There was bromanship...Even a few bikes were present...And always follow directions...All and all it was a good relaxing weekend. Got a chance to catch up with some good timing friends, and even met some new faces. Even though it rained on and off all weekend...and at some points got a little cold out.....its worth the trip everytime. Cant wait until next year.

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