Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Stumbled across some photos from years past...Some of these i forgotten all about. Kind of neat to find photographs of the past to reflect what went on.......Remind me of some good times
These were just a few from old car projects...Im still going through them, more to come...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Found this gem on Craigslist. 68' Newport with a Cummins diesel. This thing has got to attract the wimmin

Friday, August 26, 2011


My buddy sent me these. The shop he works at just finished it up for a customer. Not really my flavor but has some neat touches

Sasky and burns

His hair was perfect

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Jamming down the highway, feeling no pain
mother nature, two wheels and a chain.
It's good to be alive and brighter.
Whisper in my ear, girl, hold on a little tighter...

You know it's alright. Living and lovin every day and night.
Thankin' the lord for the music in me
Piece of mind and feeling free....

Soon I'll be on the road, pickin guitar
Knowing that my home ain't very far
But don't you worry sweet thing cause you know i'll be there
To kiss my Tennessee girl with the long golden hair....


Thursday, August 18, 2011

1962 Chrysler 300

Finally got it on the road. We got in a fight the one night as she left me stranded, but I got it fixed and back down the road. Still a couple small items to sort out but for now Im going to enjoy it as much as I can.

This car is big. I had to move my hotrod out to my detached garage because this bitch wouldnt fit in there. It barely fits in my attached. Im at full capacity, but it has such a pretty face.

Pre to Post Modern

A few years ago when Joshrod and myself rode down to Nashville, I stumbled into this MCM store called Pre to Post Modern, pretty cool space with a lot of rad items. Didnt spend too much time in there since I was on my bike and couldnt haul anything back, so this time having a car I made sure to poke back around....If your into mid century or vintage items in general and are in Nashville be sure to check this place out. Located over on 8th Ave.

Antique shopsing?

Went to the guy from American Pickers store in Nashville. Located in the old Marathon Motors building. Had some cool stuff, didnt really come off as an antique store to me though...But I guess the gentlemen is into vintage motor bikes and had some pretty cool finds.


We ended up crossing over into Nashville en-route home. I like Nashville, Ive been a few times and this time I had a chance to spend some time away from the downtown area and was able to find some pretty cool spots. I still spent a decent amount of time in the Broadway-downtown area though....

Saw this Street Bob down there...I thought it looked pretty nice with that DRAG seat


Sights from my garage sale trek along US127. Went through 4 states, attending multiple sales and meeting various sales-ers. Interesting times. Bought a few items, mostly stuff I didnt need. Coolest piece purchased was a shop floor broom handmade by a feller from KY using all pre 1900's equipment...or maybe my light up hologram picture of Jesus...that was a pretty sweet find also. All in all, good time spent with the lady

I have a soft spot for SHELL stuff
 This thing was awesome. Very nice and recent restoration. A little steep for me at $1,300, but from what I understand its pretty rare.

I really wanted this HAMM's bear for my basement...a bit large though

Nick the broom-man. Autographed ours and everything. Real neat story and cool family

Oh...We had a film crew follow up the whole way. Famous what.... Im sure I am talking to my agent in this photo.