Thursday, August 18, 2011


Sights from my garage sale trek along US127. Went through 4 states, attending multiple sales and meeting various sales-ers. Interesting times. Bought a few items, mostly stuff I didnt need. Coolest piece purchased was a shop floor broom handmade by a feller from KY using all pre 1900's equipment...or maybe my light up hologram picture of Jesus...that was a pretty sweet find also. All in all, good time spent with the lady

I have a soft spot for SHELL stuff
 This thing was awesome. Very nice and recent restoration. A little steep for me at $1,300, but from what I understand its pretty rare.

I really wanted this HAMM's bear for my basement...a bit large though

Nick the broom-man. Autographed ours and everything. Real neat story and cool family

Oh...We had a film crew follow up the whole way. Famous what.... Im sure I am talking to my agent in this photo. 

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