Thursday, October 7, 2010


It was pretty decent weather wise Tuesday, so I figured Id go out for a ride. Sometimes I find it best to just start riding in one direction and end up where I end up....Well this one started off good and ended up better.

Well as many may know, Michigan has some of the worst broke ass roads around, and those that have been to my neck of the woods will agree that I now live on THEE worst stretch of so called black top. This summer that there road was closed for a I took these pics for Mr Joshrod to see what the once death to the spine road looks like now. It was just re-opened and it rides smoooov.

I took that path into the next town and then hopped on the cross-directing road south and hit the town after some gas and found my way into the local still smokey bar. Had a refresh and then hit it...
Started riding down a two lane and ended up at the best kept secret the world has to offer, as way of the Cascadden Lounge. Real neat true honky tonk dive bar. Juke box full of vintage country, big two stepping floor and a bar that stretched a mile that was full of the essentials. The styling and feel untouched since the early 70's. I was welcomed with a smile and fed cold beer on the cheap. Piled a dollar into the jukebox and got 5 plays in return. I never wanted to leave....

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