Thursday, January 6, 2011


Tomorrow it will be a year for us here at SPIT. Looking back theres been some things Ive liked about this site as well as many things Id like to get away from. As of lately it seems that some of the contributors have disappeared...including myself. The past year has been hectic for all of us...additions, diapers, jobs, mortgages and so forth.

Were going to try our best to actually start documenting stuff...meaning having to remember to hit the shutter button once in a while opposed to relying on the copy and paste function

All of us have many projects in the works as well as various trips already planned for this year...throw in the regular goofy shit and musical acts and Im thinking there will be plenty of quality posts.

I think that its easily agreed that with everyone going different directions, there just wasnt the time for intended road experiences and visits. This year Im hoping that will change, therefore the blog content will alter. If not...oh well. I still dont even know what "blog" means.

If anyone actually reads this shit...Cheers