Friday, February 18, 2011

Murdered out

Been busy working on stuff for the Detroit Autorama. Pretty close to wrapping everything up on my 62' Chrysler 300. Just have a few minor things to put on and then spend a day cleaning it up. Its come a long way in a short amount of time.

Here it is the day I bought it. Truck bed full of engine/trans stuff with a trailer full of car parts to go along.
I got the thing home, sorted through the mess and blew everything apart. Decided to put discs up front, change the ignition and rewire most everything under the hood. I worked on the car at my old shop for a few months before I lost the space and had to move. That was about a year and half ago. I tried to get the car complete enough to move under its own power and I was able to get the engine together, front clip painted, jambs cut in and some of the car back together- enough to drive it to the storage spot....Then the car had been neglected to sit in storage for that year and a half...heres the day it was brought out to attempt to finish it in time for Autorama (Dec 15).Getting closer..Here it is prior to the final rub....
FlakedHope to get most everything wrapped up this weekend and then focus on filling the trunk up with coolers of ice cold beer for the show.

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