Thursday, March 10, 2011


Wanted to put an east side trip together last year, but it just never happened. This year Im planning it for sure. Found a place that looks to be the perfect end spot and have a few ideas on how to get heres the early stages of "The Wagon Wheel Run"....
This is a rough idea of the ride. Depending on the interest I have some other ideas for going further north by Ubly Dragway and back around for a longer stretch next to the water.
The end location- "The Wagon Wheel"...awesome desolate camp location in back of Algonac State Park. Good spot to get rowdy and party all night with out disturbing the townies. Located conveniently close the the parks shooting range. A short blast up the park road and across the main is the boat launch with open access for swimming or bathing...If anyone has any ideas or wants to actually partake...feel free to contact me

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