Tuesday, March 16, 2010


For some lenses...

First up Im in need of a nice set of tail light lenses for a 62' Chrysler 300...Like below. Im not looking for a NOS set or anyhting, just something that isnt all twisted up and looking like someone put them in the microwave...(like the ones I already have)

Next, Im on the hunt for the old style flat lenses that went on Harley turn signal kits. They look like the bullet style housing on the XLs but Im unsure if the factory made them...but I think a company called Chris manufactured them for the aftermarket... I have a bunch of Amber ones but am looking for a red set. They are smaller diameter than the newer models but mount the same with the two screws....These are what the housings and lenses look like:

Any help is much appreciated...feel free to comment or email... Thanks


  1. If you absolutely can't find, Dice can probably make you some from the amber ones you got. He probably still has the material he ordered to make my lenses that i backed out on haha. If you want his number let me know.

  2. Yea I rememeber talking to you about having him do lenses... I may still do that, but I know theyre are some already out there that will work...Just have to find them